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How do we beat something that has the power of life and death?

Once again, following the hard work by Jinjifore in creating the wonderfully detailed synopses of American versions Series 6 of HL:TS, and of Paul in identifying and faithfully transcribing the Eurominutes (the extra four minutes Europeans and Canadians get to see in each episode because the programmes are edited to 48 minutes rather than the American 44 minutes), here you can find Euro-sound bites from most of the episodes shown in the UK so far, and it will continue growing week by week. This time, I have included a few pictures too, but if you really want to see what the extra scenes look like, you should visit the Europics page at There can Be Only One.

Each one shows the episode it's from, a sample of the dialogue, the cast involved, and a link to the relevant bit of Jinjifore's Index of Synopses (including Paul's Euro transcripts) so that you can put it in context. You can choose to download either in .wav format or in real audio (.ra). Because of the better compression rates in real audio format, not only are the real audio files smaller than the .wavs, but in most cases I have left them a little longer. If you think that makes it worthwhile downloading a real audio player (in most cases you will need Real Audio 3), connect to the Real Audio site.

Note: If you are a Mac user, you may have a problem with the .wav files. Try saving them first and then playing them. Alternatively, I'm told you can download a copy of SoundApp and configure it as a 'helper' in your browser. You can find it via the search facility at the Shareware site. (As I am working on a PC, I have no means of checking any of this.) Any other advice, please email: webmaster@troth.demon.co.uk

Series 6

I thought you might like your sword back You see, if you're not going to use it, I will


Episode Dialogue Sample Format and file size Format and file size Cast Link to Index of synopses
Avatar 'See, if you're not going to use it...' avatar1.wav(52k) avatar1.ra (17k) JD Jinjifore's synopsis
Avatar 'I'm an optimist...' avatar2.wav(44k) avatar2.ra (10k) DM Jinjifore's synopsis
Avatar 'Because there is no one else...' avatar3.wav(116k) avatar3.ra (22k) DM


Jinjifore's synopsis
Armageddon 'Do you still pray for your sainted Fr Darius?' armag1.wav(123k) armag1.ra (23k) Kr Jinjifore's synopsis
Armageddon 'And then one day he became a priest...' armag2.wav(117k) armag2.ra(22k) Kr Jinjifore's synopsis
Armageddon 'What evil we find here, we bring ourselves.' armag3.wav (49k) armag3.ra (14k) Fr R Jinjifore's synopsis
Do you still pray to your sainted Fr Darius? Wait a minute - perhaps this one.



DM= Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul)

JD= Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes)

Kr= Kronos (Valentine Pelka)

Fr R= Father Robert (Dudley Sutton)

We rewrite our history all the time...

Sins of the Father

Episode Dialogue Sample Format and file size Format and file size Cast Link to Index of synopses
Sins of the Father 'Can you justify every person you have ever killed?' sof1.wav(85k) sof1.ra (16k) DM


Jinjifore's synopsis
Sins of the Father 'We rewrite out history all the time...' sof2.wav(77k) sof2.ra (15k) DM


Jinjifore's synopsis
Diplomatic Immunity 'I've done things I'm not proud of...' di1.wav(k) di1.ra(k) DM


Jinjifore's synopsis

Duncan having trouble with his shirt

Patient Number 7

Episode Dialogue Sample Format and file size Format and file size Cast Link to Index of synopses
Patient #7 'There is only one sensible course of action...' pno7_1.wav(55k) pno7_1.ra (21k) DM


Jinjifore's synopsis
Black Tower 'As you hunt it, so I shall hunt you...' bt1.wav(73k) (bt1.ra(14k) Marek Jinjifore's synopsis
Unusual Suspects 'I believe you were poisoned by your grieving widow....' us1.wav (55k) us1.ra (11k) DM


Jinjifore's synopsis
Justice '...He said comfortable. justice1.wav (116k) justice1.ra (21k) ER


Jinjifore's synopsis


DM= Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul)

AR= Alex Raven (Dara Tomanovich )

WK= Willie Kingsley (Jasper Britton )

Kyra (Alice Evans)

Marek= Devon Marek (Andrew Bicknell )

Fitz= Hugh FitzCairn (Roger Daltrey)

ER= Ermando ()

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